Resume Information
If you have experienced frustration using the resume templates in Microsoft Word, you may want to try the one that we created especially for high school students. We understand that you may not have the professional experiences that are taken for granted in typical resume templates.
What we include in our template:
  • Objective
  • Experience
  • Accomplishments
  • Activities
  • Interests
  • Education
  • References
Some helpful hints:
  • The template is, in reality, only a pre-formatted table created in Microsoft Word 2000.
  • It may be helpful, once you have opened the template, to go to "Tables" on the toolbar and select "Show Gridlines." This will give you an idea of how the template has been planned out.
  • Before you start, you may want to click on different lines of text in the template. There is a box in the upper left-hand corner just above your document that will tell you the specific formatting for every line. If you lose the right formatting, you can click in this box and restore the appropriate formatting.
  • Try to keep your resume to one page if at all possible. The top and bottom margins have been set to 1" and the left and right margins have been set to 1.25". You may adjust these margins by clicking on File, Page Setup, Margins. You may also "tweak" the template by positioning your cursor on any line on the table and clicking and dragging the lines of the table to adjust the sizes of the boxes in your table.
  • Sometimes when you press enter at the end of a line the template thinks you want to go to another section and leaves too much white space. Simply hold the Shift key down and then press enter and it will take you down one line.
Click here to open the Resume Template

Good luck! If you have any questions about using the template, please contact the Naples High School Library Media Center staff or send an E-mail to